Our Mission

The Freddie Mae Foundation, Inc. is an organization that provides services to the youth and less fortunate community. The focus is to be a safe haven to those in which they service. The organization plans to make great leaders within our community, bring local awareness, and help the community to be a healthy and safe neighborhood to everyone. 

Youth Mentorship

Mentor youth between the ages of 7-20 years of age. The focus is to give them the opportunity to make a way out of their unforeseen circumstances through community outreach. The foundation will put efforts into  molding and shaping the youth into better citizens by spending time and pairing the youth loving outstanding citizens. 

Community Outreach

General community outreach to the homeless and less fortunate with the quality of life items such as: clothes, shoes, hygiene items, food, etc. The foundation will further facilitate and rehabilitate men who have been mentally, physically, and emotionally abused as well as those who have drug and alcohol addictions. By giving them the option to bring their children to the Freddie Mae Foundation will help accommodate normal family living without breaking up the children from their parent.