Daphne Marie is a dedicated mother & Glamma. She is a certified personal & men’s stylist. an aspiring shoe designer, advocate, and sometimes mentor. Daphne has an extensive work history in Sales & Marketing, Administrative Assistant, Promotions, and Event Planning from her days in Corporate America. She began modeling several years ago with an all female promotions team to help promote events and artist with the entertainment company in which she was co-owner. At that point she didn’t realize the impact that plus size women were making on the world. People would always comment on how she held her own in photos with the “skinny models”. This encouraged her to continue and venture out on her own some with modeling.

As a personal stylist she takes pride in catering to not just her sense of style, but the style of her clients. Her styling motto is “I take the stress out of getting dressed!” She loves to shop and put together unique looks for her clients. She has been tagged as “The Image Creator” due to her skills of helping people brand themselves through their daily appearance. 

Daphne also is the owner/operator of a handy woman service called Fix-HERup. She provides assembly services for single women, single moms, & elderly. A lot of times as a single mom/woman there are some things around the house that we don’t know how to do or don’t want to do, but when we ask for help some men expect something in return or take more time to “getting around to it.” She wants to provide a way to give the single mom/woman a way of not feeling obligated in order to get those small things done.

She also has an online shopping club where people can join and benefit from using all natural products as well as a way to start their own business. She is gradually becoming more aware of the detriment that chemicals have on our bodies. This is why she joined the business of the online shopping club and is gradually converting her home to a “chemical free” environment.

She has served on the national board for other organizations over the years and is now currently the VP of  the Freddie Mae Foundation. The Freddie Mae Foundation was founded by Christopher Mulliens on a mission to help the A stable foundation is something she lives by. And that foundation begins at home. Without the support of family, she would not be able to do the things that she does.

homeless, men especially.

 “Image is important to me and I feel that the business ventures and organizations that I have been involved with are the best examples of Image for women.” says Daphne.